We praise God for healing for a friend who underwent surgery. Major infection was cleared up after prayer, enabling the doctor to operate without worry of further infection. The doctor could not explain it!

We praise God for the Women’s Forgotten God Bible Study underway for this semester; women are hearing the Voice of their Father for the first time and learning how to respond.

We praise God for provision through the stipends we are receiving from the foundation supporting Matt part time. Thank You Jesus for their generosity.

We praise God for clear direction for Emily regarding life after high school. She will be attending HarvestNet School of Supernatural Ministry. 

We praise God for a great job for Emily at Community Aid, working in an environment she loves at a pay that will allow her to pay for school next year!

We praise God for the salvation of a friend’s dad!

We praise God for clearer vision and mission, and the joy of communicating this with those we meet.

We praise God for continued understanding of who we are and why He has called us to plant in Hummelstown.

We praise God for our first line intercessors who courageously battle with and for us. May they be blessed as they stand in the gap, and see You more intimately Father.


That God would be glorified in us as a family, and as neighbors, and as church planters.

That God would continue to connect us with those who are hungry and thirsty to walk in more of their identity in Christ. 

For courage and boldness as we walk in our identity in Christ, unapologetically preaching the fullness of what that can look like, through the love and kindness of God.

That God would bring us second and third level intercessors to stand in the gap with and for us. 

For our website to be fully funtional and running soon.

For those who are specifically gifted in the areas of administration, marketing and design to join us in this adventure.

For our hearts to be prepared to attend Quiet Waters and Epic Journey in Novemeber. 

For endurance as we run our race with perseverance through the power of the Holy Spirit, for the fame of His Name and the joy of His people.